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Will I be making homes for a colony on Mars? Creating something new yet timeless is my mission. I give nods to more classic shapes and silhouettes, but apply a certain tropical-Island element to the mix.

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Above all, my artform is about contemporary luxury. This is interior for the house of tomorrow. Products placed at the biggest retailers in the Nordics. Nothing truly great ever came out of following the rules.

  • Selected Works: The Latest Architecture and News.
  • Reisefotografie: sehen, entdecken, fotografieren (German Edition);
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They are thrill seekers, music fanatics, and independent thinkers. Novum accessories represent the mindset of those who rejected conventional thinking and escaped the rat race by designing their own lifestyle built upon passion. With an emphasis on the finest craftsmanship and functional technological integration, each L.

Novum design goes through an extensive and unique lifecycle of development that guarantees an individual work of art.

PbP is a matchmaking service for people and products in the retail industry and we have now launched L. Novum to the high- end distribution in Norway. Available at Illums Bolighus Vika Terrasse. Illums Bolighus has been the international flagship of modern living, design, and furnishings for generations. It is a real Utopia that always takes the lead when it comes to presenting both Danish and international innovation. The 2. These inspiring and decorative displays tempt large numbers of Norwegian and international customers to go on a journey of discovery in an attractive, visionary and inspirational shopping environment.

AKS created a significant tripled turnover increase over three years, implementing department store structures, procedures, recruitment of staff, staff training and a selective product portfolio, which were tailored to the Norwegian market. Whether your taste is classic or contemporary—or an eclectic mix of both—you'll find ideas and inspiration, the latest information and products, and tools to help you decorate, renovate, and entertain stylishly.

You'll discover stylish finds; chic shops; art, culture, and travel guides; and recipes and advice for entertaining—everything you need to live well! The leading edition in a worldwide network of 25 ELLE DECO publications, the magazine reaches more than two million readers, and its influence extends over five continents. The Vipp Design philosophy is a world with fewer but better products. The philosophy present in all Vipp products is taken straight out of the bin- evoking function over form and staying power over fading trends.

AKS implemented the Vipp instore concepts over three years, building the Vipp brand in Norway and pursuing the strategy of selective distribution. For flos, light is the substance for expressing new ideas and illuminating unexplored emotions. Trusting their intuition has always allowed them to create products that become icons, establishing new typologies and innovative archetypes. Connecting with masters of design. Discovering new talents.

  1. Petite mort (Thrillers) (French Edition).
  2. Eine Buchrezension zu Emmanuel Todd: Après l’Empire (German Edition).
  3. Childhoods End.
  4. Commanding high technical and technological status. Staying tuned into mass culture. These qualities always place flos at the cutting edge.

    Selected Works — Most Exalted

    Experimentation opens the way for flos to utilize revolutionary materials - as in the past with Cocoon - and hi-tech solutions, currently represented by OLEDs and eco-sustainable materials. AKS contributed in product training, marketing, graphic design and overall product implementation as well as visual merchandising and partnerships agreements. Stelton is an innovative, trendsetting design house based on the Scandinavian design philosophy. Stelton's mission is to be the customer's preferred choice when looking for a good design that enriches their everyday lives.

    AKS participated in the distribution of chain stores and associated campaigns. Quantity sales, brand awareness and merchandising became important focal points in this collaboration. Muuto is rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition characterized by enduring aesthetics, functionality, craftsmanship and an honest expression. By expanding this heritage with forward-looking materials, techniques and bold creative thinking, their ambition is to deliver a new perspective on Scandinavian design. Eisman Camden House. White, Ann White Camden House. White Camden House. Bibliographia Kleschiana Camden House.

    Gezen Camden House. Catastrophe and Catharsis Camden House. Commodities of Desire Camden House. Goebel Camden House. Kurth-Voigt Camden House.

    Selected Works

    Crosscurrents Camden House. Deconstructing East Germany David W. Robinson Camden House. Detectives, Dystopias, and Poplit Camden House. Distant Readings Camden House. Hoffmann and the Serapiontic Principle Hilda M.

    2. Selected Works - ·SEBASTIAN MÜGGE·;
    3. El Nuevo Renacimiento: Una Profecia Del 2012 Y Más Allá (Spanish Edition).
    4. Brown Camden House. Early and Miscellaneous Letters of J. Arnason, David Roberts Camden House.

      Selected Works

      Enlightened War Camden House. Kerry Camden House. Bower Camden House. Stephenson Camden House.

      German Memory Contests Camden House. Ghetto Writing Camden House. Goethe in East Germany, Daniel J. Farrelly Camden House. Curran Camden House. Goethe's Ghosts Camden House. Heights of Reflection Camden House. Heimat Peter Blickle Camden House. Heinrich von Kleist and Modernity Camden House. Huff Camden House. Herder Yearbook Vol. Housebound Monika Shafi Camden House. Pizer Camden House. Inscription and Rebellion Sonja E. Klocke Camden House. Interwar Vienna Camden House.

      Heizer Camden House. Mitchell Camden House. Johann Gottfried Herder Camden House. Kafka after Kafka Camden House.

      Selected Works Selected Works
      Selected Works Selected Works
      Selected Works Selected Works
      Selected Works Selected Works
      Selected Works Selected Works
      Selected Works Selected Works
      Selected Works Selected Works
      Selected Works Selected Works

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